Dear patients:

As always, we are working to protect your health. Here is COVID 19 information you may find helpful:

• We require our employees and patients to wear masks inside the building. Anyone entering the building is screened for their temperature, symptoms and recent history that may indicate they could have COVID19.
• Please call our main line at 540-459-1700 for medical appointments. If you feel you may have the flu, a cold, or COVID19 please let us know so we can advise you as to next steps. We may be able to give you sufficient advice to allow you to care for it at home.
• Patients with potentially infectious diseases like COVID19, if asked to come see a provider, will be asked to enter the building at a separate entrance to avoid exposing other patients.
• Patients who need medical or psychiatric care, or counseling, have the option of receiving care by phone or through internet access.
• Please cancel your dental appointment if you have a fever or any illness. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment for another time.
• Feeling stressed? Our counselors have openings in their schedule and can help you over the phone or internet. Call us to make an appointment.

Our community will get through this. We all need to do our part to wear masks and keep our distance to avoid spreading the Corona virus. We all appreciate any steps YOU take to help our neighbors stay safe and healthy!