Medical Care That Builds A Thriving Community.

Shenandoah Community Health Clinic is a community-health-centered practice offering medical care in the Shenandoah Valley. Our focus is to help everyone in the community grow and thrive as much as possible! Our services include:

Our Experienced Team Is Here For You.

Our team of health professionals have over 100 years of combined experience. They provide medical care, as well as services for dental, psychiatric, counseling, and assistance acquiring free and low-cost medicines at a convenient Woodstock campus. Our clinic, centralized within Shenandoah County, is the ONLY local place where you can find medical care combined with all of these other services working together to help your family members thrive. This community health center approach means that most of the services you need are available when and where you need them.

Integrated Care – Customized for You.

Integrated care is a team approach to patient services that is more convenient and might even save your life. It can help a medical patient to get a quick dental consult for possible TMJ (pain in the jaw joint). A counseling patient may get a same-day medical consultation when it seems there may be a medication problem. A dental patient can be assessed by a medical practitioner when their blood pressure seems dangerously high. These instant referrals have sometimes led to the discovery of urgent health situations, wherein the health practitioners can address them immediately, or refer to the hospital for extensive evaluation. However, some patients choose to partake in only a few of the available services, and that is fine too.

Our Team Can Lower Your Costs for Medications and Other Services.

Medical care may seem useless when you can’t afford the medicines your doctor recommends. One of the most popular services at Shenandoah Community Health Clinic is our staff support for acquiring free medications. Hours of work by our team can help provide thousands of dollars in prescription medicines for your family. Shenandoah Community Health Clinic accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid/ FAMIS. If you can’t afford your deductible or copays, please ask us about our sliding scale fees. Dental and medical care are available on most weekdays at the main Woodstock campus. For those who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes, medical care, psychiatric care and counseling are also available via telehealth appointments. Let us know your preference when you call to make an appointment.

Comprehensive Care for the Region.

We proudly serve residents of Shenandoah County (Strasburg to New Market, Basye to Fort Valley), with heavily discounted rates for those whose family incomes are below 300% of the federal poverty level. Understanding that comprehensive health services are difficult to obtain, our services and reduced fees are also available to our neighbors from other localities. Contact our team for more information. Enhance your family’s overall well being with medical care through the community health centered approach of Shenandoah Community Health Clinic!