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Behavioral & Mental Health Care: Therapists Can Help Through Counseling.

Counseling can help you examine the issues that may be holding you back. Our therapists have helped clients with common behavioral health issues as well as those who are trying to overcome a major trauma from their past, or those who may be dealing with a psychiatric issue, such as agoraphobia. Shenandoah Community Health Clinic also employs a psychiatric practitioner who can help those with conditions requiring psychiatric medications, as well as licensed professional therapists who provide counseling to children and adults.

A Better You, A Stronger Family.

Children and adolescents have more and different pressures today than their parents experienced. Counseling can help children to learn coping strategies and help parents better handle the challenges their children may present. Our therapists have worked with children who were bullied, who experienced the loss of a loved one, or who had experienced trauma, and helped them to grow in confidence and self esteem. Counseling is available at our main site in Woodstock and children can also access it at all the public schools in Shenandoah County. Counseling can also benefit couples and families who wish to learn how to forge stronger relationships. Do you have a health issue, like obesity or smoking or diabetes, that you want to manage better but can’t stay motivated to accomplish your goals? Our therapists can help you set and achieve reasonable goals and help you understand how you may be sabotaging your progress.

Get Help with Depression, Anxiety, and Dealing with Past Traumas.

Therapists at our Clinic have helped adults overcome some major issues: clients who were grieving the loss of a loved one, women who were abused or raped in their long ago past, first responders who were dealing with PTSD, people who had debilitating conditions, such as agoraphobia. Counseling was able to help all of these clients lead fuller and happier lives.
Sometimes depression and anxiety stem from current situations and other times their source is unknown. Occasionally medications are needed, and the medical practitioner or counselor may refer clients to the psychiatric provider for assessment so that she can determine whether medications will help.

Here’s How It Works:

Call to make an appointment and give us your insurance information. If you can afford the copay required by your insurance company, you will be asked for that amount at the time of your visit. If you can’t afford the copay, or don’t have insurance coverage, our staff members can determine which sliding scale fee is correct based on your family income. To receive these highly discounted fees, you will need to bring financial information from your family such as your federal tax filing or recent pay stubs from family members. The staff member will review these documents while you complete the registration paperwork.

Flexible Appointments To Work With Your Schedule.

Counselors are available by appointment on most weekdays and some evenings via telehealth, and at the main site and in the public schools. Whether you’d like coaching that can improve your health, your life and your relationships, or you’re grappling with a more serious issue, call our office and ask for a counseling appointment with one of our therapists.