Shenandoah County is a beautiful place to live and work, but a lack of options for medical care can make living here a challenge. Data obtained by highlights this disparity and details that the ratio of people to primary care physicians in our County is 2,170:1. This means that for every one family doctor in our county, there are 2,170 people. This is not enough medical practitioners to serve our county. For dentists there’s only one per 3,360 people. Compared to the rest of Virginia, our ratio of people to providers is nearly twice as high.

When it comes to Mental Health providers, we have one per every 1,900 people. Although this number is less than 2,170 and  3,360, it’s much worse compared to what the state of Virginia and top counties in the United States offer. In the state of Virginia, you can find one mental health provider for every 530 people. Not to mention that 12% of people in Shenandoah County are uninsured, which leaves them with very little medical options.

There were at least 5088 preventable hospital stays in Shenandoah County through this past year. If all Shenandoah County residents had regular access to care, that number could be reduced. 

This is why the Shenandoah Community Health Clinic opened its doors in 2002, and why we continue to expand. We see the need in our community for access to care and an increased amount of providers. Our office offers services in Primary Healthcare, Mental Health, and Dental Health. We offer sliding scale fees for low-income and uninsured patients, while still accepting Medicaid and most insurance plans. Increasing healthcare access and providing how quality medical care is how we move towards a healthier future. 

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