Problem Foods for Healthy Teeth

Most people know that some foods, like sweets, can be a problem for maintaining healthy teeth. What you eat can play a big role in your overall health. However some types of food and drink can cause more problems for your oral health than others.

Be aware of these eight foods that can cause problems for your teeth when consumed often.

Sticky candies: Sticky candies, like taffy or gummies, can be particularly harmful to your mouth. Tiny pieces of these sweets can get stuck in between your teeth enhancing the chances of getting cavities there.

Soda and sports drinks: Bacteria thrive and feed on sugars of all kinds, especially those found in soda and sports drinks; even “sugar free” beverages that have chemical sweeteners.

Ice: When we enjoy our ice-cold beverages, many of us like to crunch on the ice left in the bottom of the glass, especially on a hot summer day. However, ice tends to be tough on tooth enamel. After a prolonged period of time, it will eventually wear on the surface of your healthy teeth and weaken the teeth’s protective layer.

Popcorn: While popcorn can be a go-to healthy snack, popcorn can cause problems because it tends to leave pieces stuck in-between your gums or teeth. Be sure to brush and floss afterwards!

Citrus fruits: Highly acidic fruits, like grapefruits or lemons, while good for your overall health can erode the enamel on your teeth away and put you at risk for cavities and even tooth loss. While some citrus is good in your diet, keep it in moderation.

Alcohol: Too much alcohol is also bad for your teeth. Alcohol can affect your body’s ability to create saliva which can cause chronic dry mouth and gum disease; especially if you consume it on a regular basis.

Excessive coffee and tea: These popular beverages are part of most adults’ routines, but coffee and tea can also be bad for your teeth. Both highly acidic, coffee and tea can stain when consumed on a regular basis. However the real culprit is the sugar many of us add to our daily intake. This extra sugar is especially harmful for those individuals who sip their favorite beverages slowly throughout the day.

Food and drink with stain potential: Many of our favorite foods can potentially change the color of otherwise healthy teeth. Red sauces, bright color juices or foods with heavy dyes can stain your teeth.

Keep your pearly whites healthy and strong by brushing and flossing and getting in to see your dentist for regular check ups and cleanings.

Staying aware of how your food affects your oral health is important for maintaining healthy teeth. For more information, ask your dentist or call the Clinic today to schedule an appointment.