Building a Fairer, Healthier World

World Health Day, April 7, was started in 1950 to create awareness of priority concerns in world health. This year the World Health Organization has decided to focus on health equity, with a slogan, “Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.”

This message is one that resonates deeply with the Shenandoah Community Health Clinic. This clinic was founded to bring affordable healthcare to an area that needed it. Originating in 2002, we provide services for behavioral health, dental health, and comprehensive medical care to the whole community, with special supports for low-income and underserved patients.

Building a fairer and healthier world is about removing barriers to care and improving conditions that affect health. Each person can contribute to this goal in different ways.

1. Become a patient and/or pass the word. If you need healthcare but struggle with affording it, consider becoming a patient at our clinic. If you know of someone who could use our services, please pass along our information.

2. Donate. There are many organizations working towards health equity using different methods. Find an organization you like and see how you can get involved.

3. Support your community. You can support local and state policies that reduce health inequity. Working within your own community might include supporting the establishment of a new public park or walking trails, or cooking healthy meals at church. Use your unique skills, interests, and relationships to increase health equity.

4. Get educated. The World Health Organization has an online database to compare health equity among countries. Health Equity Monitor ( The American Public Health Association offers lots of information online about health equity and how it affects the United States. Health Equity (

5. Share the health equity message. Talk to your children, friends and family about health equity and what it means.

Working together, we can all make our world fairer and healthier.