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I’ve had many revelations in this last year. Working for years with indigent adults with chronic illnesses and/or broken painful teeth, I remained ignorant of the problems faced by some families.

So imagine my surprise when the nice people from the Shenandoah County School system helped to educate me.  Imagine my shock when I heard that 18 children at one middle school were slashing their arms in a silent plea for help. Imagine hearing that three percent of the preteens needed to be hospitalized for mental health issues and suicidal intentions.

Of course we knew that some families found it difficult to access health services — including medical and dental care — because they didn’t have a reliable car or worked two jobs. We had just never realized how badly that was impacting some children in this community.

Some faithful donors responded to a springtime appeal with over $20 thousand and we were able to start to outfit a classroom at Ashby Lee Elementary School. We will provide a sampling of our services on a rotating basis starting in September.  For security and privacy reasons, we will only be able to offer one service at a time (medical OR dental OR counseling).

We hope that by next summer we can raise more money and build out that space as shown on page 4. This would help us to offer multiple services there simultaneously.  In future years, we’d like to bring more services to the other school campuses as well.

Although there are 2,500 school-based clinics in the U.S., there aren’t any in Virginia that offer primary care — medical, dental and mental health services. Hopefully this effort will start a trend to bring more care to Virginia’s kids!          — Pam Murphy, Executive Director


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