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The Shenandoah Community Health Clinic was founded on the concept of neighbors helping neighbors. Today, the work we do is still made possible by the generous donations of time and money.

Get InvolvedTo learn more about volunteering, check out our volunteer page. To find out the ways you can donate money or supplies, visit our donation page.

Your donations make a real difference in people’s lives. People like Sandra and Tyler (names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality).

Sandra’s Story

Sandra came to the clinic for help with her asthma. Her husband had died a few years earlier, leaving her to raise their children alone. She managed well until her job was cut in the recession. Barely able to afford food and shelter, she started going to the emergency room regularly as she couldn’t buy the inhalers that would help her breathe.

Once she came to our clinics, she received dental and medical care and medications. Able to breathe more easily, literally and figuratively, she finished a job training program and now works as a medical assistant.

Tyler’s Story

Tyler was trying to raise three kids on his own. He worked multiple jobs, but had no dental insurance. Because his focus was on his children, he neglected his health and eventually ended up with a large dental abscess. He came to the Shenandoah Dental Clinic for help. Had the clinic not been here, Tyler would have continued to suffer and would have likely ended up with severe dental and medical issues. These issues would have negatively impacted his ability to work and care for his children. Thanks to community support, we were able to treat Tyler’s dental abscess and relieve his pain.

Your support can have an enormous impact in the lives of people like Sandra and Tyler, and in the lives of their families.