GLOW Festival

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8:30 – Registration begins

9:00 – Welcome & Opening Remarks – Pam Murphy, Executive Director

9:00 – 1:00 – Chair massage


From Head to ‘Floor:’ A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Female Bone and Muscle Health

Join us as two Physical Therapists from Valley Health’s Rehabilitation & Fitness Center share advice for keeping your muscles and bones healthy and strong through the years.
Sarah E. Pierce, PT, DPT, physical therapist with Valley Health, will talk about the facts &  myths of the female pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is more than just kegels. Incontinence is not a normal part of aging. This is a brief overview of the female pelvic floor, what is “normal” and treatment options for women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction.
Suzanne A. McIlwee, PT, OMPT, physical therapist at SMH for 27 years, will discuss SAFE exercise for your bones.  An interactive presentation on the principles of strengthening bones for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis will be presented.  Key points will include weight bearing and muscle strengthening guidelines with emphasis on reversing the patterns of postural change.

9:50 – FITNESS BREAK – Introduction to Zumba® – Joyce Yagerline

This Zumba® Fitness Break is low on joint stress and high on fun! Combining easy-to-follow steps to great music along with a “go at your own pace” attitude makes exercise approachable and attainable. For newbies, as well as those who are experienced, this is a fun way to move and get the kinks out of your body after sitting for a period of time.

About Joyce Yagerline: I love empowering women in their health and fitness journey. My experience and knowledge as a dancer, yoga teacher, and educator provide a nurturing environment for women to develop self-confidence and discover their vibrant potential. My classes include dance, yoga, Zumba®, and Fitness for Women over 50. I can be reached at


How to Say No: Without Feeling Guilty, Horrible, Selfish, Mean or Bad – Pat Cheeks

Most women are raised to be nice and accommodating. There is nothing wrong with being nice – unless someone is ignoring your boundaries. There are times to be nice about how one says “no” and times to be all-out warriors! Join Pat Cheeks, Psychiatric/ Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, as she discusses how to say “no” in a variety of situations.

Pat Cheeks has a private Psychotherapy/Coaching/ Energy Medicine and Ecotherapy practice. She loves being outdoors, being with her family, including her dog, traveling, reading and making art. She’s the mother to 2 grown children and very recently a grandmother for the first time.

11:10 – FITNESS BREAK – Gentle Yoga Flow – Joyce Yagerline

This gentle yoga fitness break will use the breath to connect the body to movement. The mild poses can be done standing or seated in a chair and will help to develop better breathing habits, create calmness in the mind, improve balance and muscle tone, and reduce stress level. No previous experience in yoga is needed and everyone is welcome!


Take Control of your Life by Putting Yourself in Charge – Elizabeth Cottrell

Women are terrible at valuing and taking care of themselves. That, my friends, is a mindset problem, and it’s one that we can change. This presentation will provide tips, tricks, worksheets, and resources to help you become CEO of Yourself, Inc.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell is a writer and blogger at, a community activist, a business owner, and chairman of the board at First Bank here in Shenandoah County. An avid personal note writer and believer in human potential, she writes and speaks to encourage others to live their most Heartspoken Life. 

12:30 – Closing Remarks & Door Prize Drawings

The Hummingbird Bistro food truck will also be on site to provide delicious breakfast and lunch options. Check out their menu HERE!


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